About Isis Innovation

Isis Innovation is the research and technology commercialisation company of the University of Oxford.

We provide access to technology from Oxford researchers through intellectual property licensing, spin-out company formation and material sales, and to academic expertise and technical services through Oxford University Consulting.

Isis Innovation is the highest university patent filer in the UK and is ranked 1st in the UK for university spin-outs, having created more than 100 new companies in 25 years. In the financial year to March 2014 we completed 503 licenses and consulting agreements with clients around the world.

Quick facts

  • £14.5m total Isis revenues in 2014 (£11.5m in 2013)

  • £6.7m returned to Oxford University and its researchers in 2014 (£5.6 in 2012)

  • 8 spin-outs created by Isis in 2014 (4 in 2013)

  • 27 software start-ups in the Isis Software Incubator

  • 503 deals in 2014 (105 technology licenses, 398 Oxford University Consulting deals; 395 in 2013)

  • 85 consulting deals signed with Isis Enterprise clients (66 in 2013)

  • 2333 patents and patent applications on Oxford inventions managed by Isis (2015 in 2013)

  • £19m translational research funding won by Oxford researchers with direct Isis support

  • Isis Innovation is named after the river Isis, which flows through Oxford. It is not an abbreviation for anything, so it is Isis not ISIS.

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