Innovation Consultancy

Isis Enterprise (IE) is a global technology transfer and innovation management consultancy business. We help technology providers and seekers to source, develop and commercialise innovations.

IE benefits from Oxford University’s world-wide networks in the innovation ecosystem. We have offices in the UK, Hong Kong, Spain and Japan and work with clients in more than 50 countries.

We help to create value by:

  • Facilitating technology transfer and commercialisation
  • Providing support in establishing policies, processes and infrastructure
  • Training people and organisations in managing innovations
  • Providing licensing support services

Our services

We provide the following services:

  • Technology transfer services
    • Intellectual property (IP) policy – advice and workshops
    • Establishing new technology transfer offices (TTOs)
    • Supporting TTOs
    • Planning and managing seed funds
    • Licensing and commercialisation
    • Software and business incubator support
  • Commercialising technology
    • Finding licensees
    • Identifying international sales channels/partners
    • Creating spin-outs
    • Establishing technology development centres

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide high quality innovation management consulting services and advice to universities, corporates, investors and governments adding value and enabling economic growth at all levels.


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